When a user makes selections on reports, forms and queries these values are saved in the usage data table per user for retrieval next time the object is selected. This is nice because often user will desire to access the same data. This allows for a better user experience. Sometimes the usage data can become corrupted and this is evident when one user can perform a function and another user cannot. Or one user sees a different result when executing the same function as another user. At this point the user that is seeing erroneous information needs to remove their usage data. Usage data is like cookies on web browsers.

This can be achieved by going to the following locations and performing these actions

Tools > Options > Usage data button

Click Reset to reset all Usage data.


By performing these steps any corruption should be removed and the user should be able to continue the process. The implications of removing this usage data are the previous values saved for reports forms etc will be removed and you will need to re-enter the data again.  Any personal setups of forms such adding grids to the field for your view will be removed and will have to be re-added. Not all users have access to usage data. If usage data corruption is the suspected cause of issues then contact your AX administrator.  If this is a problem that happens too often then there may be other issues going on with your installation and some troubleshooting should be done to track down the real issue.


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