In Dynamics AX 4.0 when I would declare a class I would use the class = new class() assignment for instantiation. In Dynamics AX 2009, a construct method is used to in creating new instances of a classes and subclasses. When using a construct sometimes you will need to pass parameters into the construct to properly create the objects needed for development. Below I will provide an example of a construct using my favorite fashion item.

public static Purses construct(PurseType  PurseType)


Purses     purses;


switch (purseType)


case PurseType::LV :

purses = new LVBag ();


case PurseType::Gucci :

purses = new GucciBag()


case PurseType::Hermes :

purses = new HermesBag();


case PurseType::Chanel :

purses = new ChanelBag ();



return purses;


So I needed to pass in my enumeration to determine which class I would need to instantiate for use.



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